Sunday, October 5, 2014

Sources for Researchers: Psychology Today Magazine and Website

Psychology Today was founded in 1967 and aims to make articles on human behavior more accessible to the general public. Articles on behavioral health, gender issues, parenting, sex, addiction and substance abuse, and so on – truly, the topics run the gamut of the psychology field - appear in the magazine's bi-monthly issues. Though not peer-reviewed, the magazine is authoritative, with research-based articles being written by experts in each psychology sub-field. A large number of print articles are available in full on the Psychology Today website, as well.

Aside from magazine content, Psychology Today online provides an indexed database of web-based materials, as well. These include a tool for finding a therapist, an index of core concepts in psychology, a list of top researchers in the field with links to publications and social media for each, and tests to evaluate commitment readiness, spacial IQ, or jealousy evaluations for different sexual orientations.

According to a recent search, fifteen OhioLINK members show holdings of Psychology Today, some of which date back to 1967, and a WorldCat search shows many, many holdings in public and academic libraries, making print editions easy to find for any researcher.

On a personal note, I have found Psychology Today to be an easily-understood, user-friendly source for information. For high-level researchers – such as medical professionals or specialists – Psychology Today may not be an information source, although it could certainly be of interest when keeping abreast of developments in the field. For secondary or undergraduate students or other laypersons, Psychology Today is a usable source with a good web-based index and accessible information from respected professionals. It should certainly be considered for referral by reference librarians.

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